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How To Get Free VOIP calling on your Cell Phone

There are many ways to use VOIP on your Cell Phone in WiFi Areas for FREE.
You can get VOIP on Free WiFi at home, at McDonalds, and at other Free HotSpots.
VOIP may also be cheaper to use with some Wireless Data plans.
Skype & Google Voice are the best known low cost VOIP on many Phones.
Google Voice is FREE to phones in the US. It's probably your best choice.
After you set up Google Voice, install Google Hangouts on your cellphone to call.
Skype is not Free, except to another Skype phone. Skype costs 2.3˘ per minute or about $1/month
Viber is another Free Cell Phone Wifi App, again only Free to another Viber app user.
Google Voice, Viber & Skype can also work on Cell Phone 4G LTE Data, but not Free if you pay for Data usage.
Sprint 3G Data is not fast enough for VOIP, 4G LTE is best for all carriers.
As for VOIP Devices at home, the Ooma Telo device is best on your Internet, Nettalk Duo is next best, then MagicJack Plus.
(They also have Apps to use VOIP on your SmartPhone.
Read more about home VOIP phone gadgets at or Click to see chart

FREE Netphone Apps that don't charge per minute

Vonage has a free App for Mobile Phones (temporarily?), but we found quality less than GV Apps like GrooveIP, etc
NetTalk WiFiNetTalk has a FREE Smartphone App for FREE VOIP calls, but you get a remote number, unless you buy their NetTalk Duo first.
If you buy MagicJack, you can use an iPhone or Android App to call for FREE
Google Voice (GV) offers FREE VOIP calls by callback, or use Google Hangout
Apps like GrooveIP, Talkatone and Mo+ are now using RingTo, with a charge.

The Best VOIP FREE SmartPhone Apps:

1) Google Voice calling with Google Hangouts is the Best.
2) Vonage has a free App for Mobile Phones (temporarily?), but we found quality less than Google Voice.
3) If you buy an Ooma Telo, you can get their App for free calling.
4) If you buy NetTalk Duo, you can also get free VOIP calling on your Cell Phone.
Once you set up Google Voice, and get a free phone number, you need to use Google Hangouts.
Groove IP is the easy to set up and use with RingTo. Groove IP Lite is FREE, but their $4.99 version is better.
Talkatone is another FREE VOIP App that works with RingTo, and some find it works better on some phones.
Mo+ puts out a couple of FREE Apps that work well, & appear to give higher quality speech, but don't work on some phones.
EverVoice is another new App, but some people have problems with it.
You can get VOIP calling on your SmartPhone in WiFi Hotspots, but if you use Data, it may cost you about 5 MB/minute.
Some data plans don't work well either, like Virgin Mobile.
I hear T-Mobile $30/mo plan (100 min/mo plan) with unlimited data works well for VOIP Apps.

2nd Best: Fring, MobileVoip, Ooma, SparePhone, EverVoice

MagicJack Plus VOIP calls are also Free, but their SmartPhone App only works on iPhone/iPod/iPad.
The Ooma Telo is a HD Quality Phone service that is almost free (after you buy the phone for about $200, you pay about $3.50/mo for home use). You can buy their SmartPhone App (iPhone/iPod/iPad & Android only) for about $10,
then you pay 1.6˘ a minute to use it on your SmartPhone.

Other New low cost VOIP Options are:

A Chart to Compare Major VOIP Home Phones

(Only Ooma offers HD Voice at home, but this lists all VOIP competitors)
Initial Phone Cost
Monthly Basic

HD Voice?
Caller ID/CallWaiting
Receive Calls
Basic Features
Monthly Deluxe
(Home) US ˘/min
Phone Quality

Runs on PC/Laptop

SmartPhone App

International (Mexico)
Int'l (Mexico) Cell
Ooma Telo
about $80
tax & fees

Crisp and Clear


(cell 38˘)
Int'l Rates
1˘ = Buy 1,000 minutes for $9.95
MagicJack Go
about $40
FREE 6 mo
then $35/yr



FREE on iPad

(cell 11˘+)
Int'l Rates
NetTalk Duo WiFi
FREE a few months, & $40/yr



FREE iPhone+Droid

(cell 27˘+)
Int'l Rates
or $120/yr
Buy a Skype
$3/mo US
$13.99/mo World

2˘/min or $3/mo


2.3˘/min iPhone

(cell 38˘)
Int'l Rates
$13.99/mo Int'l
3000 minutes/month Free with Ooma Telo
NetTalk and MagicJack say unlimited calls, but 3000 calls are allowed before problems
MagicJack may cut off calls at 1-1/2 hours, but MagicJack says Unlimited Calling.
Both Ooma and magicJack Plus have free in-network calling.
Both services have international calling at low VoIP rates.
Number Porting - Ooma $39.95 / MagicJack Plus - didn't work for me.

If you buy a used MagicJack, get the password and email from the original owner. Then you can change both, and add your own credit card to buy more years of service.
If you buy a used Ooma, you will have to pay about $80 to reactivate it.
*MagicJack Support says MagicJack can Fax - but I couldn't get it to fax.
According to, you can use Fring to access your MagicJack VOIP on your Cell Phone.
The Gizmo Project appears to offer Free VOIP calling
NetTalk WiFi NetTalk, MagicJack Plus, Ooma Telo, Phone Power, or ViaTalk & plug it into your Home Internet - Unlimited VOIP calls at Home.
Then, get their SmartPhone App for your Cell Phone (iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile).
Ooma Telo has HD Voice Quality. NetTalk WiFi and MagicJack Plus are good quality, much better than the old MagicJack.
The old MagicJack needs your PC to be running, whereas the others can run on your home Network with your Internet.
The new SmartPhone Apps can run via WiFi on your SmartPhone at home or at WiFi Hotspots.

The Best VOIP Variety for a FREE SmartPhone App is NetTalk Duo WiFi

If you NetTalk WiFi buy the NetTalk Duo for $49.95, you pay $50/year after the first year for home use,
and their SmartPhone App for iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile is FREE,
with FREE VOIP calling on your SmartPhone in WiFi Hotspots.
Optionally, NetTalk WiFi NetTalk Duo, MagicJack, MagicJack Plus or Phone Power (w/ USB Adapter) can run on a laptop with WiFi or a Rental PC.
(The old MagicJack doesn't work on every computer - USB Mice or CPU-Intensive Programs can make it crash or hang)

In Sum, Ooma Telo is the Best Choice for HD Clarity.
NetTalk Duo WiFi also has a FREE SmartPhone App for most Smartphones (iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile).
MagicJack and MagicJack Plus also have a FREE SmartPhone App.
Ooma has a CellPhone App for outgoing calls only (1.9c/min), and uses less bandwidth than most other apps (200k/min), w/ HD Quality

Other Services Available:
$10/mo Dialup Internet -!
$12.95/month for an 800 number with professional routing of your calls at eVoiceŽ 6 Month Free Trial
$9.88/month for an 800 number with professional routing at - Inexpensive Virtual Phone System
Cheapest and Best Fax Service: Try RingCentral Fax FREE for 30 days (1/2 the price of eFax with an 800 number)

DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in 2-3 MONTHS, with training, or pay experts to tell you when and what to trade in FOREX.


New Ooma

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NetTalk Duo

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News on HD Voice

Half of Europe has HD Voice Cell Phones with the carrier Orange.
When will the HD Voice Cell Phone wave hit the U.S.?
The latest news on HD Voice Phones is at HD Voice
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